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Depending on your IT expertise (which is why truNorth is here, but we digress) the words “network engineering” might seem scary. Unfortunately, we are not talking about many engineers getting together to professionally network (which usually means food after all) but rather all of the networks that store your data and any video, phone, or even your wireless capabilities.

Our network engineering consultants wish it was as easy as just running a couple cables and plugging them into pieces of hardware spread out throughout your office. If it were that easy, future customer, you wouldn’t need truNorth!

Network engineering focuses on both online information and any onsite actions that users make on a daily basis. Online activities include wireless troubleshooting, such as if a user can’t send or receive information. Other activities, that can be remote or onsite, could be configuring a (vitally important) firewall to allow data to be sent and received, or monitoring the network for problems or installing potential upgrades.

Network engineering as a process is rigorous and can be time consuming if not done properly. Which is why truNorth only offers you our best and brightest networking engineering consultants.


Our Finest Network Engineering Consultants


Your network is the backbone of your business and an incorrectly functioning network will single-handedly cause more downtime and soft costs over any other IT issue imaginable. Alternatively, you might not have enough network to handle everything you need to keep your business going strong.  Enter our network engineering consultants.

Network Design

We have the training and business sense to help our customers design a network that will fit your organization’s needs. Our network engineering services are broad: we can overhaul your existing network, or implement additional services like Voice over IP (VoIP), or create necessary protection against external cyber threats. All of these services ensure that your return on investment is on point.

Complete Network Overhaul

Sometimes small businesses and even large enterprise businesses need to plan for complete network overalls and upgrades to ensure business continuity. Let our trained and seasoned network engineering consultants help prepare your business for your next network upgrade or build-out.

Network planning

With truNorth helping you plan for your network engineering requirements we guarantee that your brand new or simply improved network will be secure, assured, and optimized. Our designed-to-implemented networks allow you to focus on your organization and not your IT. From design to implementation, our networks are all guaranteed and supported throughout the life of our commitment to you and beyond.

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