In the IT world, there are as many IT consulting companies as there are IT problems. So how do you, potential customer, decide to choose truNorth? Well, we pride ourselves on our due diligence, our excellent software knowledge, our ability to navigate the countless hardware choices, and of course our accurate cost projections. We offer a free consult to give you the opportunity to get to know us and see if we are the right fit!

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Our IT consultants have the know-how and background to advise your company on your latest IT project, or even the ability to provide Dental IT software support!


Small Business IT Consulting

Whether you are a brand new start-up or a small business ready to expand, we have small business IT consulting customized for you. Our IT consultants will work with you and your employees to do just about anything: purchase new hardware, upgrade existing infrastructure, engineer just the right network, download software, or remotely provide tech support.

We know that new software or updating IT infrastructure on a strict budget can be daunting – we are a small business ourselves. Sometimes you find that you need to upgrade equipment or hire another IT consultant: truNorth is here to work with your budget and give added value to your investment.


Healthcare IT Consulting

We will be honest with you: our world of IT consulting really emphasizes on those in healthcare. (We really mean you, dental offices, our expertise.) Even more so than general small business IT consulting, our extensive healthcare IT consulting is tailor-made for professionals in a fast-paced, interactive, and customer-centered and regulated environment.

truNorth’s IT consultants are industry experts in Eaglesoft support, healthcare software, and cloud hosting solutions.

Ready to take the plunge with our IT consulting services? Let’s start the conversation!

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truNorth Can Customize IT Consulting Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

Our IT Consulting services can benefit your organization in so many ways, we can't possibly list them all here. If you have a project, reach out for your free 1-hour consultation to discuss your project and learn how truNorth can help support you.

Have a project that has intense IT needs, but you aren’t sure what equipment you will need? Get an IT consultant involved from the get-go to help save money and ensure a streamlined project. We don’t just do projects either – we can help with new business ventures, expansions, upgrades, etc.

Partnering with truNorth’s IT consulting professionals provides support to your business operations and provides insight to areas of your business you may not be thinking about. Our enterprise-class IT consultants help enterprises make their IT investments work for them and always meets operating demands.


  • Disaster recovery planning

  • Managerial Advisement

  • Project Planning & IT Implementation

  • Independent Audits

New IT projects are sometimes hard to truly plan for on your own and implementation costs can be overwhelming. truNorth Data Solutions can assume your on-the-ground project manager role for future or existing IT projects spanning from network engineering to complete IT infrastructure overhauls. If you need an IT consultant to attend meetings, help management plan and implement your new IT needs, we are your one-stop-shop.


  • Cyber Security

  • Digital Marketing

  • Network Engineering

  • Independent Audits

Audits are not just another unnecessary headache – they are the assurance that your organization is meeting all the expectations of your mission, vendors, or governments. truNorth’s IT consulting services can provide your company with an independent third-party assessment to help your current IT staff determine additional safeguards need to be in place saving you from the burden of finding out where your organization lacks when an official audit is conducted.


  • HIPPA Audits

  • Compliance Reviews

  • Security Audits

  • Independent Audits

IT Consulting from truNorth

Our IT consultants have a lot of experience, and want to use all of that knowledge for you! Speak with one today!

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