Being rural doesn’t mean you need to take a back seat while other schools reap the benifits of new technology. truNorth has been on the advent of rural expansion of industry standard IT into rural Colorado. Our CEO even testified before the state representatives responsible for passing the bill for rural broadband expansion. We don’t just support local rural schools in Southern Colorado, we advocate for it.

truNorth can help your school thrive by providing certified IT solutions backed by industry-leading technology partners and support. Our firm can augment your IT staff, assume the role of your IT staff, provide the guidance needed to bring your school to the most current of standards. Let us help your district excel. Start the conversation today.

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We are more than just a vendor! We become your district's go-to IT team.

In a "click" we can support your districts infrastructure all the way down to the classroom and students. Our IT doesn't stop at the server room door; we are in it to help you educate our future.

truNorth is a certified e-rate vendor with years of experience under our belt to support your school, district or online education system. We will strictly follow the guidelines of Federal regulations to ensure our efforts complement your bottom-line.

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Don’t know where to starts? Take us up on our hour consultation, risk free, today and let us help you envision the future of your district the way you want it to be. From security systems to complete network overhauls – we do it.

As administrative staff you know that teachers have no shortage of daily issues. Don’t let IT be one of them! Empower your staff with the support that truNorth can provide them in a few clicks. We have built in desktop apps, e-mail ticketing systems, and on-demand phone support ready to help teachers in need!

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Our help desk doesn’t staff at the staff. Our background-checked, FERPA compliant staff have the know-how and the patience to work with kiddo’s in need of support during the school day. From computer repair to remote assistance, truNorth can help you keep your curriculum on track and on budget.

truNorth loves to teach. All of our qualify school districts are welcome to utilized our IT Consultants for scheduled training and a complementary voucher for certifications is provided to students identified by the administration every semester. We give back to our schools whenever we can and by providing the training, certifications, and support to help you grow your students into the workforce prepared for work is our mission.

Call for an appointment and free one-hour consultation
Don’t hesitate to click or call today to learn more about how truNorth can help your district grow into the 21st century with cutting edge technologies to support your organizations mission. We are an authorized Microsoft Education Partner with E-Rate experience!

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