HIPAA Compliance Audits

Your patients matter, not only to you, but to us as well – their data is important to you, your organization, your reputation, and so much more. We also know that HIPAA audits can be scary – their guidelines and rules can be lose or extremely stringent.

Audit Triggers in Health Information

HIPAA’s official title, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, just means that it’s a government agency that regulates information that it is used in healthcare offices. Auditing in healthcare organizations, as we can all agree, is vital, but is often difficult and if your IT security isn’t satisfactory, your organization could be hit with crazy fines as the result of a HIPAA audit.

Stay provocative and allow truNorth to guide you through our strict guidelines and safety features so you don’t have to fear a HIPAA audit hitting your company. Our HIPAA-minded consultants can help your organization, office, or facility identify threats to your patient privacy before they happen – in some cases our audit may prove that your organization has already been victim of a breach. More than 85% of the organizations hit with a breach didn’t even know it. We will take your patients privacy seriously so that you can focus on what you do best: care for your patients.

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Even someone who doesn’t work in the health field knows about HIPAA. It’s a scary buzzword that can stop people in their tracks, especially patients who catch wind of an office audit happening.

truNorth can assist you in providing comprehensive documentation to the official agencies that may be auditing your facility. Our unique HIPAA audit protocols will provide you with write ups, and we will schedule follow up’s to ensure that any issues identified are fixed. HIPAA security audit agencies love to see progress!

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Even schools have been targeted. Cyber criminals don’t care, in many cases, about children and take any opportunity to earn a quick buck. Don’t become a victim, stay in front of the threat.

round orange telephone icon call usHIPAA audits aren’t nearly as scary as FERPA!

While a hospital has a lot to lose, it has the financial resources, in many cases, that schools do not. K-12 is restricted to a tight, tight, budget that cannot spare a slap on the wrist or a fine, much less a full-blown shutdown over a data breach. Click or call today to findout how truNorth can seek out the funding to help you help your students.

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Payment Card Industry, or PCI security standards, might be an afterthought for most companies, but everyone should know about the threats to their customer’s payment information. Imagine swiping your card at a mom and pop shop while on vacation, only to be alerted by your bank that your identity could have been stolen!

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Let truNorth audit your PCI to make sure you are on track for the new year!

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Cyber security 101 starts at the lowest level and your employees, staff, and 3rd party vendors are 95% of the problem. Best practices are only enforceable after proper education is given, they don’t know what they don’t know!

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truNorth’s Cyber Team can train, educate, and help you enforce cyber security best practices on demand to ensure your organization meets compliance standards.

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Protecting Your Patients

HIPAA audits might be the hardest thing your business will have gone through, but its made much easier with truNorth’s help. Give us a chance to prove our value to your health care organization!

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