Disaster Recovery Plan

As a disaster recovery service provider, we know that a breach can be a stressful time, and that effective disaster response planning is crucial to getting your business back online. Not all small business or dental companies have a disaster recovery plan – this is where we come in.


Recovery Management

truNorth can assist in the recovery of critical data and can provide detailed documentation to assist your organization in responding to the breach. For companies looking to conduct preventive measures to ultimately plan for the possibility of a disaster, truNorth can assist you company in planning guidelines. Our IT consultants will help you develop organizational policies that not only complements your current IT process, but will also create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that suits your needs.


Organizations with a need for comprehensive backups solutions, contact truNorth today about how we can implement our robust and proprietary backup solutions to provide your organization with any amount of data retention you may desire!

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Don’t go it alone! Businesses soft costs are dramatically affected by any and all disaster recovery issues. Let truNorth be your disaster recovery service provider – for a low fixed rate, truNorth can provide your staff and employees with disaster recovery training that matters. truNorth is literally a click or call away.

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How does getting support before you know you need it sound? truNorth isn’t joking when we say we support our clients. We proactively monitor all sites within our scope and provide responsive disaster recovery solutions. 

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To emphasize the need for a disaster recovery plan for your healthcare company, whether you are a hospital, massage therapist, or a dental office, we will illustrate a potential problem that any one of these professions could face. In this scenario, potential customer, you don’t have an SLA with truNorth.

Imagine that one day, let’s say it’s a Monday (because all the bad things happen on Monday), you come into your office and your internet simply won’t work. You get in touch with Xfinity and it takes them an hour to get you back on online – in the mean time you have had several clients impatiently pacing in your waiting room. You couldn’t actually help them because all of their EHR’s (electronic health records) are unavailable. Once you are back online you realize their records are simply gone – your entire system was hacked, and your patients have been compromised. Unfortunately, you couldn’t afford that backup recovery feature, so all of your records are lost.

Our little story illustrates several common problems: a faulty network that is open to cyber-attacks, and a healthcare provider that didn’t have a disaster recovery plan. Although we are experts at helping you with disaster recovery, there are some things that even we would have a hard time fixing. We think that the best use of your time would be to give us a call about customizing your disaster plan, but that’s just us.

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When Disaster Happens

When the whole world is falling down because of a computer problem, truNorth’s disaster recovery team is here.

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