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Finding good tech support can be difficult. Many companies can offer to help with all of your IT needs, but only at truNorth will you find excellent customer service and the best IT staff in Southern Colorado. truNorth will resolve all of your problems and will always be your go-to tech support specialists.  


What is Small Business Tech Support? 

Or large business tech support, we understand sometimes even large businesses need a little IT support every now and then. Most of our customers will be familiar with IT technical support, but for small business what does that mean? Usually, it means helping you with all of your tech: computers, phones, internet, networks, you name it.  


Yes, We Offer Remote Technical Support!  

Although our office is in sunny Pueblo, Colorado, truNorth’s team of IT specialists are trained to work 100% remotely to help you with any tech support issue. Live in a rural community, such as San Juan County or in Fremont County? No problem!  With your robust infrastructure to back us, we can access your devices regardless of location.  

Do you need general computer help or something more specific? You can always submit a ticket at your leisure or on the fly, and one of our trained professionals can jump onto your machines to address a myriad of IT tech support issues. Have a specific small business with unique IT demands, like a dental office? Not only can we support the multitude of hardware and integrations found in the common dental office, we offer dental software support as well! We guarantee much shorter wait times than other tech support companies for our remote support.  

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Managed Tech Support

Need an on-call IT support technician? We offer a wide variety of technical consultant and support options for all our clients at an affordable cost. On-call technical support is billed at a flat rate for service calls – we can scale and upgrade into managed IT services at any time. You will find that we work hard to get to the root of the problem and will resolve it quickly to help you save time and money. 

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Ready To Get Started with Tech Support?  

Click or call today to find out how truNorth can help you help your office and staff with tech support that doesn’t take hours or days to respond or get on the issue. We are standing by with personnel that is passionate, understanding, and are trained in every IT issue. If we haven’t seen it, we will tell you, and absorb any excess, with no cost to you.  

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Easy Tech Support

All business types need expert-level, on-demand tech support. Are you one of the ones who doesn’t have it? truNorth can help!

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