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Thinking of moving to the cloud? Need a cloud hosting partner? truNorth can take you there, so you don’t fall behind the curve, trying to learn how to do it yourself. We can also assume your administrative duties in the cloud: we will bring your organization up to the most current standards, provide enterprise-class support, and help develop processes to ensure you maximize your cloud investment. We are Southern Colorado’s only Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Our cloud hosting services utilize your current infrastructure investments to maximize your bottom line and investment into the cloud. truNorth can provide your organization with a comprehensive audit of your current technologies to assist you in developing a solid plan for cloud migration or hybrid cloud solution.

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Moving to the Cloud?

Whether you are migrating to a cloud solution or are already there and need expert suppport and management, we can help!

Don’t be intimidated by the cloud, it is simply renting someone else’s hardware! truNorth can assist you in developing the right solution and within the right budget. Cloud hosting services are billed in as you use them, saving you thousands

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Looking to add or migrate a server to the cloud? Easily done, but how do you ensure that your connection to or from the server is secure? In many cases, you don’t, unless you have the right cloud hosting provider. Cloud infrastructure is meant to be easily spun up, but the security is left to you or your local IT pro. Unless your cloud hosting has the best security in Southern Colorado, there is a chance that your investment could be compromised.

If your servers handle anything sensitive, it is heavily advised that you get a second set of eyes on your investment that is unbiased and willing to help your discretely fix any issues that you have.

truNorth can help you today!

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In January 2020 all Windows 7 Pro licenses that haven’t already purchased extended support will no longer receive updates, leaving you wide open to security threats by just browsing the web. What to do – upgrade for $150 per computer or start to invest in the next wave of IT?

When talking return on investment (ROI) it is important to start to think about consolidation. Why not buy one large computer and share its resources? Or do the same thing but put it into the cloud? Perhaps local users can use the local server environment to work but field employees connect to a virtual environment that is local to them yet connected to your local users resources, files, and technologies?

Virtual Desktop Environments are the wave of the future and it’s already available today! No expensive hardware required and setup is in-a-jiff.

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Where are your backups? Does your IT pro back it up for you daily? If it’s not done daily, why? If you leave the office today, can you guarantee your data would be ready for you when you get back?

truNorth provides our clients with incremental backups, which means when you change it, we back it up right then and there. Delete something? No problem, restoration of your data can be done in minutes. Don’t step over dollars to pick up dimes, invest in business continuity and leverage the cloud and do it with our cloud hosting services.

Is your business utilizing the 3-2-1 Rule? Does your IT staff know what that is?

Check and verify and then call us today to see how we can get you backed-up today!

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Security, security, security. It is critical that the security of your cloud environment, cloud backups, and connection to the cloud is as protected as possible.

Just getting a server to work doesn’t mean it is secure: many Craig’s List IT Pros bypass security to ensure that something works or forget to re-implemented security. Don’t cut corners, we won’t.

Let truNorth take a look at your cloud investment: if it needs attention we will bring it to yours.

Security is key to any business operations, you lock your doors at night, shouldn’t you lock down your infrastructure? Don’t let cyber criminals ruin your day in just a few keystrokes.

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Cloud Hosting Made Easy

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